Trial Stays!


“Why do you call it a Vacation Stay?”

Well, our trial stays are not just your average overnight, run of the mill accommodations, oh no! Here at Portal Village, our goal is to make every resident (including our guests) feel like they are at an all-inclusive vacation resort!

Fine dining, in-house theater and our inviting Pine Lounge to house special performances, parties, and other social events (like happy hour) are all included in your stay with us. Did I mention that Rose Hill Theater is right up the road? With all of the other services and amenities within Portal Village and the surrounding area, our residents are never bored!

And all of this, located along beautiful Lake Erie; just a  stone’s throw away from Welland and Fort Erie, and a short trip on our Portal Village Bus down to scenic Niagara-on-the-Lake where you will find shopping, sight seeing, and many other services and activities.

Our Trial Stays offer those individuals looking for a retirement community, (whom may not be ready for a commitment, or are just unsure if they are making the right decision) an opportunity to take a test-drive of our facility and see for themselves why so many of our residents compare living at Portal Village to “being on a vacation”.

During your stay with us, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of our excellent recreational program, free exercise classes, and wonderfully catered meals. You may be challenged to try something new, meet new friends (or discover old ones), and really gain a full comprehension of what Retirement Living is all about.

At Portal Village, we promote active lifestyles and well-being for our residents. In saying this, we feel that it is important for those people looking to make a move into a retirement facility to make their own educated decision.

Figure out what you want out of your retirement, and find the place that speaks to who you are, and the lifestyle you want to live!

Our trial stays help you to test the waters before jumping right in (which is what we will be doing this summer;  I certainly won’t be jumping into Lake Erie after the winter we just had!) and we encourage you to make an informed decision so that you get everything (and more) out of your retirement years!

Oh and what’s that? MORE great news?
If you enjoyed your stay with us and don’t want to say goodbye…you don’t have to! You can cozy up in our trial suite until the next permanent residency comes available for you!

If you would like any information on our trial stays, please don’t hesitate to call our office at (905) 834-0322 or visit our website for additional information and contact links!